Releap Docs

Minting a Collection token

A Collection lets artists sell any number of NFTs of the same track with different cover art. Collections allow artists to better compose their NFT drops and provide them with more options. NFTs must be in a collection in order to be listed. Unassigned NFTs will not be listed.
First, you will need to connect your wallet to access Releap Studio.
1. Select Studio on the navigation bar.
2. On the Studio page, click on Create Collection.
3. Here, you can begin by uploading your audio file.
You will now have to upload the cover art and other details of your collection. This will be what users will view on the Market page.
Good to know: Square cover art provide the best viewing experience. Rectangle cover art images will be trimmed at the sides when viewing on Releap Exchange.
4. To finish making your collection, you will need to approve the transaction on the Phantom Wallet pop-up. You may be required to approve the transaction 2-3 times as and when the pop-up is displayed.
5. Click "Next" to finish the process.
Once the collection is made it will take you back to the studio page where you can begin minting NFTs into your collection.
Watch out! Never transfer your Collection token to another wallet. Doing so prevents you from further minting NFTs within that Collection.