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Minting NFTs in a Collection

Good to know: All NFTs that are minted are part of their respective Collection, and point to one single Collection token.
After creating the collection, you can proceed to mint NFTs into that collection. You can batch mint numerous NFTs in one go. All NFTs that are batch minted will share the same cover art. If you wish to mint NFTs with unique artwork you will be required to mint them individually.
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    To start click on "Details" of the collection you would like to mint NFTs in.
2. After clicking into the collection, select "Create NFT in Collection" to open up the studio.
3. Enter the details for the NFT (this would auto populate from the Collection information). Input the starting serial number of the NFTs and the number of NFTs you would like to mint.Fill in the details of your NFT and upload the cover art.
Here, we are minting 5 NFTs starting with Summer Nights #1 all the way to Summer Nights #5
4. Click “Next” and input the resale royalty percentage, we recommend keeping it at 10%. You can also add multiple creators to the royalty split, the sum of the splits needs to add up to 100%. When adding other creators be sure to input the Solana address that should receive the royalty split. By default it will display the wallet address you are signed in with.
5. To complete the process, you will need to approve the transaction on the Phantom Wallet pop-up. You may be required to approve the transaction 2-3 times as and when the pop-up is displayed.
6. Click “Next” when the process is complete. You will then be directed to the Collections where you can view all your NFTs.
Good to know: You may repeat this process if you would like to mint NFTs with different cover art as well. Be mindful of the starting serial number when repeating this process.