Releap Docs

What is Releap?

Releap is a social NFT protocol where creators and artists can publish their content as a set of NFTs to be discovered, enjoyed and traded on chain.
We want to empower emerging and major artists with news ways of gaining exposure, engaging with fans and monetizing their work.
We envision NFTs to become a creator tool in facilitating meaningful interactions between artists and fans, and a valuable and composable asset class that has strong utility in web3, gaming and the metaverse.

With Releap you can...

  • Mint NFTs that can interact with any NFT dapps (e.g. NFT exchanges, lending or renting protocols) in the Solana ecosystem.
  • Discover content from our growing creator community and directly support creators that you love.
  • Buy and sell Solana NFTs on our Releap Exchange.
  • Interact with your community through public posts and comments.
  • Engage with collectors who have bought your NFTs through gated posts using Releap Circles.

The best way to discover Releap is to try it

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