What is REAP?

REAP is Releap Protocol’s native token that is deeply tied into the functioning of the Protocol. Users require $REAP to vote on governance decisions or take part in Releap’s curation model. Curation nodes can only be added to the protocol by staking the required amount of $REAP tokens and curation operators are rewarded in $REAP tokens as well.

Releap Protocol aims to give creators the freedom to retain ownership over the connections they have built with their audience by creating a fully customizable, user-owned social graph.

Token Distribution

A brief break down of the total supply of the token across categories

Token Release Schedule

$REAP token has varying vesting periods depending on the allocation. The portion allocated for the team, community and ecosystem development will be bound by a longer vesting period along with some cliffs to assure token holders of our commitment towards building and sustaining the protocol.

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