Releap Docs

Quick start

Excited to explore the world of Solana music NFTs? Let's go through some tips to start your onboarding.

Create an account and start exploring Releap

Create an account on Releap by clicking the Select wallet button on the top-right corner in the navigation bar. Choose the Solana wallet you wish to use to connect with. Releap currently supports Phantom wallet and Torus wallet.
Approve the sign-in request on your Wallet pop-up
After connecting your wallet, click the Sign in button to receive a second prompt
Connect a wallet and Sign in are two separate prompts that you will need to sign before you can access your profile. Unlike centralized platforms, there is no need to give us your email address or set a password.
Check it! If you don't see any pop-up window from Phantom wallet, try checking if said pop-up is hidden behind your active browser window.

Update your profile

Once signed in, your Profile will be accessible in the navigation bar on the top of the app. In your Profile, click Edit on the top-right corner to edit your profile picture, cover photo and socials.