Releap Docs

List of Phantom wallet prompts when using Releap

Your Phantom wallet may give you certain prompts
View your wallet balance & activity
Allows Releap to determine whether your Phantom wallet has sufficient funds to obtain a particular NFT. If your wallet does not have sufficient balance, Phantom will prompt you as such.
Request approval for transactions
Allows Releap to request approval for NFT transactions.
Signature Request with the following sign message:
Sign in to Releap. This action will authenticate your account and enable to access the Releap platform. Your session will be active for 24 hours.
Allows Releap to create a user profile for you, and to log you in the Releap platform for 24 hours so you can view and edit your profile information.
Approve Transaction
Approves the NFT transaction you requested. You may click “Show advanced transaction details” to see a breakdown of the transaction and associated charges. Clicking Approve completes the transaction.