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NFT Minting Guide

What will I need?

  1. 1.
    Audio file
  2. 2.
    Cover art
  3. 3.
    Phantom wallet, with enough SOL to pay for costs (0.015 SOL per NFT you plan to mint)
Check it! Uploading unsupported files will cause minting to fail.
File size limit
Formats supported
.mp3 .m4a .wav .flac .ogg
Cover Art
.jpeg .png .gif

Fees & costs

The Arweave network charges a one-time storage fee for storing your files permanently.
The Solana network charges transaction fees and storage rental for every NFT minted on the Solana network.
Have at least 0.015 SOL in your wallet for every token you plan to mint. If you plan to mint a Collection of 10 NFTs, you should ideally have 0.1515 SOL in your wallet to mint the Collection token and the NFTs.
Releap charges zero fees for minting. Instead, a 1.5% fee is taken when an NFT is sold on the Releap exchange.