Releap Docs

Listing your NFTs

Good to know. Releap Studio only displays Collections and NFTs created by you on the Releap Studio. To list NFTs you own, please do so on your Profile.
Once you have minted NFTs in a Collection, you can apply for your Collection be whitelisted, then listed on the Market where they can be traded.
1. Click Studio in the navigation bar to access Releap Studio. Here you should be able to see all the Collections you have made.
2. On the collection you would like to list click Apply.
3. You may need to wait while your Collection is whitelisted. On average it would take one working day to be approved.
4. Once your application is approved, you may choose NFTs that you would like to list and specify their listing prices.
5. You will now be able to view your collection in the market.
Users can also view information regarding the trading activity of NFTs and cancel their listing at any time.
1. Trading activity and other details for an NFT is visible when you click on the NFT.
2. You can take down the listing by clicking on "Cancel Listing" and confirming the action in the pop-up.