Releap Docs

What does this mean for Releap?

Releap is releasing its own xNFT where users can access their profiles, the music NFTs they own and stream their music NFTs directly from the backpack on their mobile devices.
Music is accessed most frequently on mobile devices and we believe that users’ should be able to do the same with their music NFTs. Music NFTs should be accessible and easy to stream while on the go, and the Releap xNFT makes this possible.
Additionally, appearing alongside xNFTs such as Magic Eden, DeGods, and more adds to the credibility of Releap as a Web3 music distribution channel. Most importantly, mobile usability and value creation are at the core of our present interaction with technology. xNFT is the innovation that is making that possible for NFTs.
You can check out Releap's xNFT at the backpack store.