Releap Docs


Releap is built on Arweave and Solana – decentralized and highly-performant blockchain networks.

Storage layer – Arweave

Audio files uploaded on Releap Studio are automatically stored on the Arweave network. Once included in the network, the files are always accessible, from any place in the world, at any time.
Further, NFTs created on Releap cannot have their metadata altered by anybody, including the creator or Releap. Even if Releap ceases to exist, the NFT owner can access the audio asset and trade the NFT on any Solana exchange. In a way, NFTs on Releap are like vinyl records that last forever.
During NFT minting, creators pay a small one-off fee to the Arweave network for permanent storage. Releap ensures compliance to standard file formats, and embeds the asset as metadata in the Solana NFT.

Transaction layer – Solana

Solana's high speed and low fees make trading NFTs more accessible and affordable than ever. Solana was also the blockchain with the highest volume of NFT transactions in 2022, giving creators access to the largest possible market.
NFTs minted on Releap are fully compliant with the Metaplex standard – the same Solana NFT standard adopted by exchanges like OpenSea and Magic Eden. This means that collectors can resell your NFTs on those platforms after the primary sale.
The Solana ecosystem is also home to a growing community of dapps that can interact with NFTs in fun and meaningful ways, like NFT lending and audio streaming in the metaverse.

Distribution and consumption layer – Releap

Releap is the distribution and consumption layer that ties it all together.
  • Releap Player - pulls the audio asset from Arweave and streams it at low latency.
  • Releap Exchange - enables NFTs to be traded on an open marketplace
  • Profile - displays NFTs created and owned by any given user; Circles enable NFT creators to publish gated content only accessible by the NFT owner

Come BUIDL with us

The decentralized architecture of Releap allows anyone to take our NFTs and build new and exciting use cases with them. We'd love to connect with other buidlors out there to expand the utility of NFTs. Please reach out on Discord if you have any questions or ideas!